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Stanford U.S. Receiver Has Deal With Antigua Counterpart

By Laurel Brubaker Calkins R. Allen Stanford’s Antiguan- appointed liquidators agreed to stop seeking control of the convicted financier’s assets in a deal that may allow defrauded investors to recover some of the $300 million Stanford stashed in accounts outside the U.S. Receivers appointed by the U.S. and the Antiguan courts have battled for four […]


By SEC The Commission has shown that SIPC should be required to file an application for a protective decree as to Stanford Group Company in the District Court for the Northern District of Texas. In denying the Commission’s application, the district court made two reversible errors: First, it incorrectly applied a heightened preponderance standard of […]


By U.S. Receiver (Ralph Janvey) The Receiver requests that the Court order a first interim distribution of funds from the Receivership Estate for the benefit of defrauded investors in certificates of deposit (“CDs”) issued by Stanford International Bank, Ltd. (“SIB”). These investors were the primary source of both the funds that fueled the Stanford Ponzi […]

Investors in Allen Stanford’s Ponzi scheme are now at the mercy of a floundering receivership

Ralph Janvey was dealt a tough hand. The 61-year-old Dallas attorney was appointed in February 2009 to extract assets from the wreckage of R. Allen Stanford’s empire on behalf of harmed investors. The Texas Ponzi schemer’s businesses included 145 separate entities and assets spread out across more than a dozen countries. However, critics contend that Janvey […]

Letter to the Editor, Caribbean360

By Eric Cohen Dear Sir or madam, A story published in the August 18, 2011, edition of Caribbean360, “Investors question Antigua Stanford liquidators” makes several erroneous and unfortunate statements that only mislead and confuse victims of SIB’s failure. I am a creditor of the Stanford International Bank (SIB), being a holder of Certificates of Deposit […]

SEC Inspector General to Investigate Stanford Texas Receivership

By KACHROO LEGAL SERVICES, P.C. We have learned today that SEC Inspector General David Kotz will begin an investigation of the Texas Receivership of Allen Stanford, pursuant to a request by Kachroo Legal Services, P.C. The request by Kachroo Legal Services, P.C. to initiate an investigation attached the recently filedMotion to Intervene and Declaration based on […]

Stanford Victims Complain About Receiver’s Spending

A motion has been filed in the US District court to protect Stanford Victims from what they view as the overspending by the court-appointed receiver and the negligence of the Stanford Investor Committee. Acting on their behalf, Kachroo Legal Services, PC has filed a motion to intervene, and for appointment to the Committee. The motion […]