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Announcement from Allen Stanford

To the Stanford International Bank depositors, and clients of the global Stanford Financial Group As this is the first statement from me since the February 17, 2009 destruction of the global Stanford companies, and my imprisonment for allegedly operating a fraud that has been referred to as a “Ponzi scheme”, I want to be direct, […]

Una breve descripción de cada punto en la apelación de Stanford

I. si la Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) tenía jurisdicción y autoridad reguladora sobre Stanford International Bank Limited (SIB), o sus certificados de depósito (CD). Y si, después de la acción civil de la SEC, la acusación penal del Departamento de Justicia (DOJ) era defectuoso.   No creemos que el gobierno puso en evidencia o […]

Stanford Judge Approves Interim Distribution to Victims

By Tom Korosec & Andrew Harris A plan by a court-appointed receiver to distribute assets recovered from R. Allen Stanford’s Ponzi scheme to investors was approved by a federal judge in Dallas.U.S. District Judge David C. Godbey accepted the plan by Ralph Janvey, the receiver appointed in 2009 to marshal and liquidate Stanford’s personal and […]

Political Contributions

By U.S. Receiver Ralph Janvey As part of the Receiver’s efforts to recover assets for the Receivership Estate, the Receiver analyzed political contributions made by Stanford International Bank, Ltd., Stanford Group Company, Stanford Capital Management, LLC, R. Allen Stanford, James M. Davis and Laura Pendergest-Holt and certain entities they own or control. As a result […]

Stanford U.S. Receiver Has Deal With Antigua Counterpart

By Laurel Brubaker Calkins R. Allen Stanford’s Antiguan- appointed liquidators agreed to stop seeking control of the convicted financier’s assets in a deal that may allow defrauded investors to recover some of the $300 million Stanford stashed in accounts outside the U.S. Receivers appointed by the U.S. and the Antiguan courts have battled for four […]


It is very important that you participate in this action. You should decide how your money is spent, and whether all available funds should be distributed to you, or should be fund ongoing efforts by the receivership and/or the joint liquidators. Don’t let few persons decide for you! Please read carefully the letter, proposed by one victim, and […]


By Kevin M. Sadler The Receiver hereby submits for the Court’s consideration the following information regarding the status of the Receivership, asset collection efforts, and other ongoing activities. Unless otherwise stated herein, the information in this report is current as of January 31, 2013. The Receiver will supplement this report as circumstances develop or if […]

The District Court Rules in Favor of the Receiver in His Claim to Recover Net Winnings Paid to Stanford “Net Winner” Investors

By U.S. Receiver (Ralph Janvey) On January 23, 2013, the District Court entered a summary judgment order in favor of the Receiver finding that the Receiver is entitled to recover from Stanford investors any funds they were paid in excess of the principal they deposited in the Stanford fraud scheme. The Court ruled that the […]


By U.S. Receiver (Ralph Janvey) The Receiver requests that the Court order a first interim distribution of funds from the Receivership Estate for the benefit of defrauded investors in certificates of deposit (“CDs”) issued by Stanford International Bank, Ltd. (“SIB”). These investors were the primary source of both the funds that fueled the Stanford Ponzi […]

Stanford investors have until Sept. 1 to file claims

By US District Judge David C. Godbey After holding a hearing on the motion, considering all objections, and reviewing the Receiver’s cost estimate [1583], the Court overrules the objections and grants the motion in full, except that it alters the language of section twelve (12) of the proposed Notice of Bar Date and Procedures for […]