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Stanford U.S. Receiver Has Deal With Antigua Counterpart

By Laurel Brubaker Calkins R. Allen Stanford’s Antiguan- appointed liquidators agreed to stop seeking control of the convicted financier’s assets in a deal that may allow defrauded investors to recover some of the $300 million Stanford stashed in accounts outside the U.S. Receivers appointed by the U.S. and the Antiguan courts have battled for four […]


It is very important that you participate in this action. You should decide how your money is spent, and whether all available funds should be distributed to you, or should be fund ongoing efforts by the receivership and/or the joint liquidators. Don’t let few persons decide for you! Please read carefully the letter, proposed by one victim, and […]

Grant Thornton Letter to Senators Vitter, Shelby, Cochran, and Wicker

By Marcus A. Wide Dear Sirs, Re: Senate Resolution 346 Re: Stanford International Bank Limited in Liquidation I am writing in response to your recent introduction of Senate Resolution 346 which takes exception to certain alleged actions by the Government of Antigua and Barbuda (GoAB) related to the fraud perpetrated by Robert Allen Stanford and […]

US-Committee in opposition to Grant Thornton

By the US-Committee The Official Stanford Investors Committee (the “Investors Committee”) submits this brief in opposition to the Petition for Recognition of Foreign Main Proceeding Pursuant to Chapter 15 of Bankruptcy Code (the “Petition”). The Petition was originally filed by former liquidators, Nigel Hamilton-Smith and Peter Wastell, and is now championed by Marcus Wide and […]

First Report of the Joint Liquidators Grant Thornton

By Grant Thornton The mandate of the Liquidators is to gather in and maximize the value of the assets of SIB, to monetise and to distribute such assets under a statutory framework. This requires the Liquidators to conduct a creditor/victim claims adjudication and distribution process. I note that pursuant to paragraph 18 of the Order […]