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Anuncio de Allen Stanford

A los depositantes de Stanford International Bank y clientes del global Stanford FinancialGroup Como éste es la primera declaración de mí parte desde la destrucción de 17 de febrero de 2009 de las empresas mundiales de Stanford, y mi encarcelación por presuntamente operar un fraude que se ha referido como un “esquema Ponzi”, quiero ser […]

Appeal of Robert Allen Stanford – Sep. 10, 2014

Following part of the appeal of Stanford. STATEMENT OF ISSUES I. Whether the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) had jurisdiction and regulatory authority over Stanford International Bank Limited (SIB), or its Certificates of Deposit (CDs). And whether, following the SEC’s civil action, the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) criminal Indictment was defective. II. Whether the simultaneous […]

Apelacion de Robert Allen Stanford – Sep. 10, 2014

A continuación parte de la apelación de Stanford. DECLARACIÓN DE TEMAS I. si la Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) tenía jurisdicción y autoridad reguladora sobre Stanford International Bank Limited (SIB), o sus certificados de depósito (CD). Y si, después de la acción civil de la SEC, la acusación penal del Departamento de Justicia (DOJ) era […]

The “Conclusion”, “Requested Relief” and the “Restitution” (part of the appeal)

The appeal will be filed in a matter of just a few days. All of us involved in its development agree that all of the victims should see the “Conclusion”, “Requested Relief” and the “Restitution” part of the appeal before it’s printed and presented in court. CONCLUSION “When the law has exceeded its proper functions, […]

Allen Stanford filed on 24 April 2014 a Motion to Vacate

Motion to Vacate filed on 24 April 2014, based on: 1) SEC lack of jurisdictional or regulatory authority over SIB 2) Denial of Due Process, and improper venue for their complaint 3) Blatant violation of Stanford’s Fourth Amendment right to protection from illegal search and seizure 4) Fraud upon de Court in this matter Janvey […]

Investors plan appeal of Stanford lawsuit dismissal

By JOE GYAN JR. A federal appeals court will be asked to reverse a Baton Rouge federal judge’s dismissal of a lawsuit that claims the Securities and Exchange Commission and a former official knew of Robert Allen Stanford’s $7 billion fraud scheme but failed to investigate and stop it, an attorney for some victims said Friday. The […]

SEC Escapes Stanford Victims’ Suit Over $7B Ponzi Scheme

By Law360, New York A Louisiana judge Friday threw out a putative class action alleging the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission facilitated Robert Allen Stanford’s $7 billion Ponzi scheme, finding the agency was shielded by a law barring suits over federal officials’ discretionary choices. U.S. District Shelly D. Dick said the discretionary function exception of […]