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KLS Stanford Update – SEC Litigation

By KACHROO LEGAL SERVICES, P.C. In our last update, we notified you that the magistrate judge in our SEC class action denied the Government’s request to stay all discovery. We are summarizing here the outcome of the discovery hearing which was held in Miami on February 14, 2013. One of the key hurdles to overcome […]

Stanford U.S. Receiver Has Deal With Antigua Counterpart

By Laurel Brubaker Calkins R. Allen Stanford’s Antiguan- appointed liquidators agreed to stop seeking control of the convicted financier’s assets in a deal that may allow defrauded investors to recover some of the $300 million Stanford stashed in accounts outside the U.S. Receivers appointed by the U.S. and the Antiguan courts have battled for four […]


It is very important that you participate in this action. You should decide how your money is spent, and whether all available funds should be distributed to you, or should be fund ongoing efforts by the receivership and/or the joint liquidators. Don’t let few persons decide for you! Please read carefully the letter, proposed by one victim, and […]

Stanford investors’ lawsuit heads to federal court

By Bill Lodge Eighty-nine investors defrauded by now-imprisoned Houston financier Robert Allen Stanford want $115 million from seven insurance companies in addition to claims that could total as much as $1 billion against the Louisiana Office of Financial Institutions and SEI Investments Co. But six of the insurers responded Monday by transferring the investors’ 4-year-old […]