Monthly Archives: March 2011

Stanford Investors Sue SEC for Losses in Alleged Swindle

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission was sued by eight of indicted financier R. Allen Stanford’s investors, who claim regulators’ negligence and misconduct caused their losses. The investors, in a lawsuit filed yesterday in federal court in Dallas, said regulators should have investigated Stanford earlier and detected what the agency later concluded was a “massive” Ponzi scheme. […]

How the SEC really treats “Whistleblowers”

By Charles W. Rawl Dear Senator Grassley: Madoff whistleblower Harry Markopolos’ book, They Wouldn’t Listen, describes his experience of trying to get the SEC to see a multi-billion dollar Ponzi scheme growing by leaps and bounds each year right before their eyes. Three years ago, my business partner, Mark Tidwell, and I “blew the whistle” on […]

Letter to the Chronicle’s Editor Regarding the SEC’s Failure to Protect the Stanford Group’s Victims

Letters to the editor HOUSTON CHRONICLE March 15, 2011 Agencies failed It has been more than two years since 1,290 Texans lost their life savings in the R. Allen Stanford debacle. Many of the victims were teachers, nurses and firefighters, and these losses reflect most, if not all, of the retirement funds they accumulated over […]