Monthly Archives: November 2009

Stanford victims ask why Texas didn’t act sooner

By Brian Gaar In the aftermath of the R. Allen Stanford case, some local investors are asking: Where was the State of Texas? Investors who lost money in the Houston financier’s alleged Ponzi scheme now say the state’s financial oversight was too lax. “We have the right to know what the (Texas State Securities Board) […]

Stanford lawyers and Lloyd’s of London butt heads in court

By MARY FLOOD R. Allen Stanford sat in court glumly for three hours Tuesday while a dozen lawyers debated whether insurance should pay for his criminal attorneys and whether those lawyers will have to report to a civil receiver when they find something new in the case. Lloyd’s of London lawyers announced in court that […]

Miami’s ex-DEA chief could escape charge in Allen Stanford case

By Rob Barry and Michael Sallah In a blow to prosecutors, a federal judge Monday called for the dismissal of an obstruction charge against Miami’s former DEA chief in the Allen Stanford bank fraud case. Two months after one of Miami’s most celebrated drug cops was charged in the Allen Stanford financial scandal, a federal […]